5 Things To Know About Clinton’s  VP Pick, Senator Tim Kaine

In the aftermath of the entertaining, fear-mongering-fest that was the Republican National Convention, Hilary Clinton announced her Vice Presidential pick. On Friday the 22nd, at approximately 6pm Clinton sent text messages to her supporters all around the country announcing that Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine, would be her running mate. Kaine was selected amongst a pool that included, HUD Secretary, Julian Castro, Real life superhero and Senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker and the Progressive-ish Democrat battling Ram, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

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This pick by President Clinton came as a bit of a shock to many in the party, especially social progressives. Without any equivocation, Hilary Clinton is picking to play it safe with this choice. To the Clinton campaign, picking Tim Kaine appears to be all about comfort,a swing state, and confidence. Among all the other VP candidates, Clinton felt the most comfortable with Kaine, he was the only one to get two meetings with Clinton during the vetting process. Their chemistry on stage cannot be denied, unlike Trump and Mike Pence who look like they just met each other, which they did.
After looking at a Trump & Pence ticket and the negative rhetoric it carries, Clinton and her campaign really believe the November elections are hers to lose, rather than go with a flashy VP like Booker or Warren she makes a cautious decision and adds Kaine to the ticket.
Here are 5 things to know about Virginia, Senator, Tim Kaine.
1)Tim Kaine, similar to Mike Pence, is a seasoned, veteran politician. Kaine, a Harvard graduate, started out his political career as a Councilman in Richmond City, Virginia, he then became Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Governor of Virginia and is now Senator of Virginia. In 2008 he was even vetted to become Senator Barack Obama’s running mate, due his close relationship with the President, Kaine was appointed chairman of the Democratic National Party. There is no doubt about his political acumen and experience, this will be crucial during a Clinton presidency as she tries to work across the aisle on Capitol Hill. Kaine will be a workhorse in a Clinton administration and will use his experience to help her during her tenure.
2)During his time as a Harvard law student Kaine took some time to work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras, during his time in Honduras he honed and mastered the Spanish language. As governor and senator Kaine has delivered speeches in fluent Spanish. Wether that will translate in votes form the nation community is unknown.
(Below is a video highlighting his Spanish)

Some say if Clinton actually wanted to appeal to the Latino voters she should have chosen either HUD secretary, Julian Castro or Secretary of Labor Tim Perez who are both Hispanic.
3)During an interview with “Meet the Press” host, Chuck Todd, even Kaine is quoted saying “I am Boring”. One of the many reasons he is seen as a safe choice  is because he isn’t known to be charismatic or for having much of a persona. It’s not clear yet if Kaine’s boring-ness will hurt or help Clinton, on one hand, his lack of charisma can negatively affect Clinton who is already seen as lacking personality, on the other hand, his lack of persona means he doesn’t draw too much unwarranted attention to himself and the campaign.
4)In past presidential elections the state of Virginia, among with many others, have always been a significant toss-up. By choosing Kaine as a running mate, she is strategically making sure the electoral votes in the state of  Virginia will be hers for the taking. It’s worth noting that in the past two presidential elections, all electoral votes went to the Democratic nominee.
5)Part of why Kaine is so appealing as a VP pick is his credibility as a true liberal. Although most progressives don’t think he’s liberal enough Kaine has always championed for stricter gun control as governor and senator, (NRA gives him an F rating)  he has an A+ rating with Planned Parenthood and has been praised by women groups for his stance on women rights and issues, he has the support of the African-American community in Virginia, as a civil rights lawyer Kaine specialized in housing discrimination practices such as redlining, he has been a champion for education and expanded Virginia’s early childhood education program as a governor.

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