4 People That Probably Wrote On VIEWS

Views is out and, of course, people have opinions. Some love it, some hate it and other are indifferent. The more I listen the more I enjoy it. Although it very similar to his last two albums, the growth is obvious and more of the same from Drake has never been a bad thing. The allegations that Drake is using other writers and artists is all but confirmed at this point. It may come as a surprise but Drake is far from the typical rapper. What he’s doing isn’t necessarily better or more creative, but it is different. Creating these melodies and hooks to accompany fantastic production is difficult. I’m not excusing Drake, but I understand. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the people that potentially worked on Drake’s album.

The Degrassi Writing Staff

People mock Degrassi for its campy acting, stereotypical characters and weak dialogue. I wouldn’t argue with those criticisms, but I would say that the writers of the show knew how to hold our interest. The high school soap opera was massively popular at its peep and created storylines that are still referenced today. One of the shows greatest accomplishments was introducing the world to a young and funny looking Aubrey Graham before he became the rapper we love and love to mock. Of course, Drake had the writers of Degrassi work on his album! Sending lines here and there to add the necessary angst any Drake album needs. Any writing staff with the balls to kill Drake on camera deserve a spot in the studio. They clearly wrote 9 and Back To Back.

J.K Rowling

I owe my imagination and love of all things magic to this woman. Obviously, she brought that same magic to Views. Because the Harry Potter franchise became a massive hit, people often forget that Rowling was a struggling single mother when she started writing The Sorcerers Stone on a napkin. Her life’s story is basically the British 8 Mile. She also goes under the alias Robert Galbraith, so clearly she’s willing to work and write for little recognition. I can tell that Drake and Rowling get along well. Reading one another’s work and giggling in the corner of the studio together. Drake should help J.K write the sequel series to Harry Potter

Cam Bells

This is actually not a joke. My friend Cam Bells has been hiding for some time now. He’s been perfecting his craft and I think Drake took notice and brought him into the studio. Cam has an incredible ear for melodies and would be an amazing collaborator with Drake’s Team. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Cam’s name on the credits somewhere.

George R.R Martin

George R.R Martin, the creator, and visionary behind Game Of Thrones, still hasn’t finished The Winds of Winter, the story’s sixth entry. His writing process has been so slow that the popular TV series has surpassed the source material. Where’s the book, George? I believe he’s been in the stu with Drake adding The Island feel on Controlla and One Dance. The Lord of Light is all over this album. Drake is Jon Snow, Nicki is Dany and Meek is Ramsey. Now that Views is out of the way he can focus on his book…. and dancehall album.

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