4 Vice Presidential Candidates For Donald Trump

Donald Trump sucks. His running-mate should be equally bad. I won’t act like I know politics, but I sat down with some of the best minds to discuss who would be the best Vice President for Donald’s ticket. Here are the names we came up with…

Joffery Lannister Baratheon

tv hbo game of thrones angry slapping

There are a lot of terrible characters on Game Of Thrones, but none we loved too late more than Joffery. He ruled King’s Landing with an iron fist. He was utterly terrible at playing the game and simply caused chaos. He left dead children, a headless Ned, and war in his wake. He’d be a great running-mate for Donald. They’re both out of their minds, lack any foresight and are both the product of incest. I’d consider voting for them.

Senator John Kasich

Someone who could actually be a decent VP, Kasich, could help Trump win the crucial swing state of Ohio. Most importantly, he has executive and legislative experience. He’s reasonable enough to keep Trump away from the nuclear codes and has the ability to lean over the aisle and shmooze with Democrats. This is a solid choice. Not better than any of the others.

Lord Voldemort

He Who Must Not Be Named would help He Who Must Not Be Elected in the Anti-Muggle department. Their policies are very similar and we all know Voldy hates immigrants.

President Barack Obama

Drone strikes? Check. Military coups? Check? Increased development in nuclear weapons? Check? Massive deportation operations? Check. Special Forces across the globe? Check. Why not?

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