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My 4 Favorite Pixar Movies (By: @TheKabirReport)

With the recently release, commercial success and critical reception of Finding Dory, Pixar is reaffirming themselves as the best animation studio in the business. They changed the industry forever with Toy Story back in 1995. Unfortunately, movies like Cars 2, Monster’s University and The Good Dinosaur have been forgettable and average compared to the high standards the studio set for themselves. With a fantastic catalog of films to choose from, I decided to pick my 4 favorite movies from Pixar.

Inside Out

This is Pixar at their absolute best. A creative, bright, colorful world, full of thoughtful characters that rest within comfortable tropes, while exploring the nuances of their names/emotions. I only watched this movie once because I got so emotional. I started thinking about my past and the memories that shaped who I am. The moments of joy and the sad ones I try and suppress. This movie is brilliant and proves how great Pixar can be.

Toy Story 3

Probably the greatest trilogy of all-time. The Toy Story franchise has three perfect movies, with a fourth on the way. I could’ve picked any of the installments but the third one is special. The culmination of the story that started in 1995. Woody, Buzz Lightyear and rest of the toys formed relationships with one another, and the audience, that grew with each film. Their relationship with Andy had finally come to an end. The new characters introduced were fun and refreshing additions. The most memorable scene and one of the best I’ve ever seen had the toys holding hands as they were dragged towards their deaths. It felt like everything in the series was building towards this moment… and it worked. Pixar holds the crown for created the best threequel ever and one of my favorite animated films.

The Incredibles

Another masterpiece. This is the Pixar movie I’ve watched most recently and just might be the most rewatchable. A movie ahead of its time, it came out in 2004, three years before Iron Man started this Golden Age Of Comicbook Movies. The story centers around Mr. Incredible, a retired superhero with a super powered family. The best part of the movie is watching him struggle through his mid-life crisis and sense of aimlessness. He ends up back in action and keeps it a secret from his family. Eventually, he’s kidnapped and they’re forced to rescue him. I can’t do this plot any justice. It’s a fantastic story with great voice acting and surprsingly great action.


This rest of this list is in no particular order, but this is number one. Wall-E is Pixar’s best movie. It’s a great comedy, amazing political satire and visually stunning. The titular character, Wall-E is an adorable robot who doesn’t speak. In fact, the first twenty minutes have no dialogue at all. It’s spectacular storytelling and is the epitome of “show, don’t tell.” There is a magic quality that Pixar is able to tap into when creating their movies. This is everything you want from the medium. Great stories, characters, and emotions. I love this film and it has everything that makes Pixar great!

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