My 4 Favorite Kanye West Videos

Kanye takes all aspects of his artistry very seriously. Ever since College Dropout he has been intentional with every part of his career. Album artwork, production and especially music videos. From All Falls Down to Bound 2, all of his videos have been special and unique in some way. Stronger was Kanye’s ode to the classic anime Akira, Diamond From Sierra Lione connected our luxury items to the child workers digging them up, and Can’t Tell me Nothing was just a cool looking Hype Williams visual. Deciding my top 4 was tricky and might change the second I publish this post, but here are my 4 favorite Kanye West videos right now.

The New Workout Plan


Maybe Kanye thought of the video before the song because this concept is perfect. Putting girls onto the new, revolutionary Kanye Workout Plan? Perfect! This idea really ties into the way he sees his partners in relationships. That he will change his woman for the better and make her who she’s supposed to be. Essentially, this is “Yeezy Taught Me” before Kanye had the capacity to make Blame Game. Either way, the video is great. It has great cameos from Fonzworth Bentley’s quick verse to the late Anna Nicole Smith’s body transformation. Tracee Ellis Ross nearly stole the show as the up and coming, French video model, Fifi LeBeouff. This visual is one of the many reasons I love this song. My only criticism is the beginning with the girls acting over the VO.

Touch The Sky


Kanye took the meaning of his song literal. He became Evel Kanyevel, the Evel Knievel inspired daredevil. The video is set just before Kanyevel plans to soar over the Grand Canyon. The visual stars Pamela Anderson as Kanyevel’s girlfriend. Nia Long and Tracee Ellis Ross (again) steal the show with their quick segment in the center of the video. We get our first look at the young kid who would become Lupe Fiasco and an exploding miniature rocket.

Good Life


Good Life is underrated, it’s a great Kanye single. T-Pain is doing some of his best cooning, and Kanye is dropping great lines. The visual has some amazing animation by So-Me and LoLa Monroe is gorgeous, albeit completely unnecessary.

All Falls Down


Through The Wire was the first Kanye video I’ve ever watched, but it was All Falls Down that really proved Kanye was special. The video is all first-person through the eyes of Kanye as he takes his girlfriend, Stacey Dash, to the airport. This was before Stacy started trolling the world with crazy comments on FOX News. In the video, Kanye gets mustard on his shirt, goes through an X-Ray machine and gets stopped at the gates by Common. It’s a lovely video for one of Kanye’s best songs.