4 Tips For URI Freshmen

The first year of college is a special moment. For most young people it’s their first time leaving home, their first time living with friends and their first time making their own choices. URI is a great university with a huge student body and countless opportunities. URI is also a fun, ridiculous mess full of parties, horny teens and failing grades. It might be the best of both worlds. Here are 4 fun tips for incoming freshmen…. The Class of 2020 (lol)

4. All Union Parties Are NOT Created Equal

One awesome thing about URI is that there is always something happening on campus. There could be a panel, concert, poetry slam, movie night or Kickback happening at any point. The weekly Union Party is the classic option, and has become a Rhody Tradition. There was a time where nearly every Union Party was a guaranteed hit. That time has passed my underaged friends. There will be something advertised as a “party” happening in the Union every week, but that doesn’t mean you should go. Take it on a case by case basis and choose wisely. As a broke college students these party entrance fees start to add up after midterms.

3. Join AT LEAST One Organization

Organizations are a perfect and easy way to meet people and get involved. Typically folks join several organization, but commit to one. This route makes a tone of sense if you’re trying to meet new people or find out whats happening on campus. Everyone from URI has at least one great story from the organizations they were in. PINK, BOND, SASA, ALIMA, SAWA, CVSA, ASA, LASA, NSBE and countless others are great options for you.

2. Stay Away From Athletes

LOL I’m half joking here…. No I’m not! Stay away from every URI athlete! I mean EVERY athlete! Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, track, dodgeball, ping pong, football (I know I said that twice). Even intramural athletes are questionable! I’m joking. You’re young and you should have a good time, and remember that you will experience heartbreak in college…. its a requirement.

1. Where The Paper At!?

Green Hall, as an institution, is pure, capitalist evil… but the people there are really nice and understanding. Go in with your best sad face and sob story and you’ll walk out with a refund almost every time.

Be Willing To Learn & Grow

College is amazing! URI is a huge school with a diverse, but mostly white, students body. The next five years (lol) will be a time of growth and change. Whether you’re outgoing or isolated you’re classes, friends, experiences will mold you into the young adult you never wanted to be. Its scary and exciting. See you on the other side my friend.

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