4 Times Stacey Dash Actually Mattered

Stacey Dash is a human being with emotions, thought,s and feelings. I think we forget that when she’s bashing BET and Black History Month on FOX News. In my reality, she doesn’t exist until she trolls the community and black Twitter destroys her… like clockwork. Her quick, awkward, unnecessary and nothingness of a cameo at The Oscars proved she’s going to continue to push our buttons. She isn’t worth or attention. She isn’t even worth this post. I don’t want to objectify a black woman publicly, but that’s what I’m essentially doing here. As a community, we need to know when to respond to ignorance and when to leave it alone. Stacey hasn’t been relevant to our community in a decade. What she says doesn’t matter and we should ignore here. I’m going to point out the 4 times she ever mattered culturally. Unless these four things are being discussed we don’t need to remember her at all.

The Time You Found Out She Was Dame’s Cousin

Dame Dash is so Harlem. He’s so Hip-Hop. He might be the exact opposite of Stacey right now. Dame is trying to preserve and support The Culture while his cousin is determined to destroy it. Thanksgivings must be awkward.

Black Men’s Magazine Covers

It’s like she completely forgot this happened. I remember very well.

All Falls Down

Kanye practically reintroduced the world to Stacey is 2004 in the video to All Falls Down. Playing his love interest, we watched Stacey through his eyes as she ran through the airport and looked into the camera. Her performance was wonderful.


Clueless is a great movie! Its become a cult classic in the years since its release in 1995. Bits of dialogue have entered the cultural lexicon and it made careers for several actors. Alicia Silverstone, the late Britney Murphy and even Paul Rudd. Stacey Dash played Dionne Davenport, a wealthy high schooler with an eye for fashion. Stacey played the role perfectly. It would’ve been even better if she did this movie and walked into the sunset. Unfortunately, we have to deal with what she’s become now. A trolling conservative, who looks less black every day.

I don’t know Stacey, but I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. This very post is feeding into what she wants. Nothing she says will take away from any of her accomplishments. I will continue to drool over the KING magazine cover and laugh every time Dionne gets on the highway for the first time. Her ideas have no power over any of us. The best way to stop her is to completely ignore her. Let’s start right now.


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