4 Things You Should Start Today For A Happier Life

A lot of us often wait until  new years, set a goal way too big, and give up in about a week or two.  By doing this we are asking to fail for two reasons:

– Don’t wait to make a change, procrastination is the devil.  If you feel a change needed than now is the time to make it.

– Don’t make your goals too big too fast.  There’s nothing wrong with having big goals but make sure you pace them.  It’s look running a long race.


That being said here are four things you can start today that will make for a better tomorrow.


1. Eat Better

There’s no goal made more often than trying to eat better, and it’s for good reason.  There are many benefits to eating better. Aside from losing weight, research shows that eating healthy has a direct correlation to brain function.  Eating healthier can actually make you more productive and feel a lot less stressed.  You don’t have to go to an extreme and start eating like a rabbit, but cutting out things like fried foods and excessive sugar can go a long way.

2. Exercise

Exercising and eating healthy go hand in hand and have a lot of similar benefits.  Working out however offers a few added benefits.  Establishing a gym routine and remaining consistent builds good discipline which you can carry over to other aspects of your life.  Once you start dedicating a certain amount of time to achieve a goal, and you begin to see results, it makes it easier to set other goals with other things.  Speaking of results another major benefit of working out is that it builds natural confidence.  Again you don’t need to be one of those people that walk around with gallons of water and protein bars.  Setting aside some time ( try  three days a week ), to work out for an hour will go a long way.

3. Save Money

The older we get the more important saving money is.  Putting away 20 bucks a week may not seem like a lot.  But at the end of the year that’s $1000 you can put towards a vacation or something else.  Many financial advisers say it’s important to have at least three months of your salary saved in case of emergency situations. The easiest way to do this is so save a small amount of money every time you get paid, and most importantly DO NOT TOUCH it.   You’d be surprised how quickly it’ll add up.


4. Read 

The constant knock on our generation is that we don’t read.  I have to admit, after Harry Potter ended I didn’t pick up a book for a few years.  Who needs to read anyway, isn’t that what Netflix documentaries and YouTube are for ?  As helpful as those are, it turns out that there are still some benefits to a good ol’ fashioned book.  Studies have found that reading causes mental stimulation substantially greater than that of watching a video, and is found to have positive effects such as vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, improved focus etc. And if you got to this point you already got a good chunk of your reading done for the day.

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