4 Things To Know Before Watching Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. For the first time, we will see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the big screen together. It is one of the most expensive movies ever made and has massive pressure on its shoulders. Not only does it have to launch the DC Cinematic Universe, it also has to make over a billion dollars to be profitable according to reports. The hype around this movie has been massive. The internet explored when Ben Affleck was cast as The Caped Crusader and the relatively inexperienced Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The trailers were all over the place and some revealed way too much about the plot. The lead up to the released has been difficult, but we’re here now and here are 4 things you should know before watching one of the most hyped movies of the year.

The Joker Is Out There

The Joker, Batman’s greatest nemesis, is out there in this movie universe. If you’ve seen any of the trailers for Suicide Squad then you’ve seen Jared Leto as the Crowned Prince of Crime. We’re not sure when we’ll see him in a Batman solo film, but the rumor is that The Joker has killed Robin. According to director, Zack Snyder, The Joker almost made an appearance in BvS.

There Are Repercussions From The Battle of Metropolis

As you know, The end of Man Of Steel is an overly-long, CG-filled battle between General Zod and Ka-El that leaves Metropolis in utter ruin. From the looks of it, thousands of people died inadvertently from this epic fight. Critics and fans weren’t happy with the battle and destruction by the end of the film. Zack heard the criticisms and has made that piece of the story central to the plot of BvS. The world is going to react realistically this alien with god-like powers. Bruce Wayne and Lex Luther are reacting to the devastation left after the Battle of Metropolis and Batman is fighting Superman because of what he’s done to the city and the threat he poses to humanity.

Batman Has Been In The Game A Long Time

In this universe, Batman is a seasoned veteran, who is more violent than Bale’s Batman in the Dark Knight Trilogy. He sees Superman as a threat and the conflict in the film is centered around their differences in method and capabilities. It’s going to be interesting how Batman co-exists in this universe with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and other superfriends. I’m excited to see how they pull it off.

Justice League Is Coming

Ultimately, this movie is the prologue for Justice League Part 1, which will hit theaters in 2017. BvS will act as the Iron Man 2 of the DC Cinematic Universe, introducing us to our team and pitting them against a foe much larger than any one of them. This movie is difficult, but Justice League is going to be tricky. Zack Snyder has a lot of weight on his shoulders with this team up film and hopefully he’s up for the challenge.

Reviews are rolling in and they are mixed. Either way I’m excited for Batman V Superman.


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