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4 Things Meek Mill Is Probably Doing Instead Of Recording His Diss Track

Right now Meek Milly is reeling after taking a light tap to the body with “Charged Up” and a heavy blow to the chin with “Back To Back.” Drake has unleashed the flood gates with these two diss tracks and some other selections to hold us over until The 6. Meek picked the worst time to go after Drake. The man is almost an unstoppable force of Canadian Nature. He’s won over many of his biggest naysayers in recent years and now he’s simply on Cruise Control as the biggest rapper in the game. Meek ruffled his soft feathers and apparently woke up a sleeping giant with a new beard. With all the time that has passed since “Charged Up” the people (mainly Twitter) are wonder what Meek is doing. We have to be reasonable and recognize that Meek is a busy man. His schedule is probably really full right now and he’ll get to dissing when the time is right! Here are 4 things Meek might be doing right now instead of recording his Drake diss track.

4. Asking Wale For A Spoken Word

That would be totally out of left field! Check the books!? Has anyone ever started a diss record with a poem? No way! Wale starts off with some insightful stuff about integrity and about artists creating their own art and then Meek comes in yelling. Literally the best idea ever.

3. Trying To Get Drake Banned From Philly

Meek is probably on the phone right now with Michael Nutter, the mayor of Philadelphia, trying get Drake on their Most Wanted List. As my good friend Hakeem said “What Drake did is an act of terrorism! He’s from Canada!” All of America should be locking its gates to keep Drake out and our terror threats neutral.

2. Attending A Creative Writing Class

Meek knows he has to come with some crazy, out of this world, acrobatic bars. What better way to get the juices flowing than a Creative Writing Class!? After a series of fun and engaging writing exercises his mind will be clear and ready to verbally attack Toronto’s Very Own!

1. Looking For Tickets To OVOFest

Meek I’m not mad at you! Every OVOFest is worth going to, but this… this is the ONE! Drake is riding high off of his surprise mixtape and these diss records. I wanna go with you bro.

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