4 Things I Loved About Captain America: Civil War (Kinda My Review)

Marvel has another hit. Captain America: Civil War is cruising towards the billion dollar mark and critics are loving the third film in the series. It was a guaranteed success with a massive, Avenger-sized cast and new additions like Black Panther and Spider-Man. The movie was going to make a ton of money, the real question was how would the movie handle so many moving pieces. It did it surprisingly well and rarely felt bloated or clunky. Obviously, it’s a story split between Tony and Steve, the plot revolved around their difference in ideology. Neither of them being completely right or wrong made the conflict more interesting than Batman V. Superman. The tone of the film is probably my biggest criticism. Sometimes the conflicts felt like siblings rivalry, but other times, they’re fighting like enemies. Disagreements like this shouldn’t end in massive, choreographed fights like this, but it’s a movie, and I had a blast. Here are the 4 best things about Captain America: Civil War.

The Small Stakes

Age Of Ultron was a completely forgettable addition to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. By the time it reached its climax there were a thousand identical robots running around and floating piece of Sokovia hurtling towards earth. It was mind numbing action, and it showed that upping the ante every movie would only get exhausting. Civil War, like Ant-Man, made the stakes smaller and more personal. The world isn’t on the brink of destruction, aliens aren’t attacking, Thanos isn’t here yet. It’s as grounded a story you can get with costumes and Meta-Humans. Captain America is caught in the middle of two friends. The villain of the movie is trying to destroy The Avengers from within, and he succeeds. No big explosions or toppled cities. They’ll do that in Infinity War.

Black Panther

civil war black panther civil war trailer tchalla chadwick boseman

The King of Wakanda had a fantastic introduction! Chadwick Boseman was the perfect choice for Black Panther. His arc was more developed than any other character in the movie. We learned a lot about T’Challa without the traditional origin story. He’s established, he’s already awesome and he wants revenge. I loved when Hawkeye introduced himself and T’Challa simply said I don’t care. I also loved his bald bodyguard who was ready to throw down with Black Widow. I’m very excited for his solo movie. I’m even more interested now that Michael B Jordan is in the movie as well… Also, Black Panther probably has the coolest costume in the MCU


I wanted to like Black Panther more than Spider-Man. We’ve seen three of them over the last 14 years, but the second Tom Holland appeared on screen I had a huge grin on my face. I loved every second he was on screen. His introduction was handled so perfectly and the casting was so expertly done that I literally couldn’t stop smiling. He encapsulates Peter’s nerdy, awkward personality better than any of the actors before him. His chemistry with RDJ was amazing and Aunt May is a total babe. Spider-Man: Homecoming has shot up to my most anticipated movie of 2017.

The Airport Scene

This one scene made the movie worth the price of admission. The titular Civil War happened in an abandoned airport an featured nearly all of The Avengers’ duking it out. The fight was a (sometimes awkward) balance between hilarious one liner, slapstick comedy, and drama. Ant-Man won MVP of the fight as he transformed into Giant-Man and reeked havoc on the battlefield. We got our first look at Spider-Man’s new suit and abilities. It was fun watching all of these old characters mixing their abilities with new characters and adding completely new scenarios to the action. Everyone got their moment and it ended with a genuinely scary moment with actual repercussions.

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