4 Things Black People Should Do In 2016

Black people, we’ve organized greater than ever in a long time in 2015. We’ve protested and fought against our oppression as racism seemed to morph back into its more overt and ugly self. We’ve been forced to do what’s necessary to survive. 2016 will be an interesting year in Blackness as we continue to protest, as the police continue to brutalize us, and as we elect a new president. Here are 4 things we can begin to do in 2016 that might help us. None of these things are new revelations, but with the collective consciousness raised in our community it’s the best time to try.

Build Wealth Amongst One Another

Its one thing to be rich. We’ve had rich black people for a long time. We need to build wealth, own land and pass down assets to our children. Black people rarely pass down wealth to children, and in most cases are passing down debt. We can do this by creating, spending and building with one another. Starting ventures together and creating guidelines and rules to avoid the issues many start-ups face. We need to invest in one another, and we need to start thinking differently about how to generate wealth.

Black On Black Violence Kindness

This goes a long way. I think if we took that extra step to be nicer to one another, and alter our interactions with each other, it could change how we view and look at one another. It’s crucial to realized that if we don’t change culturally then there is no way for us to make significant financial gains. We can’t start businesses if we aren’t trusting one another. We can’t build if we look at one another the way white people do.

Leave “Micro-Aggressions” in 2015

Of course white people won’t leave micro-aggressions in 2015, and of course, we should call them out on it, but what white people say shouldn’t be your primary focus. Oppression doesn’t end when white people stop touching our hair without permission, or when they start censoring themselves. Oppression ends when we gain power within our community and over ourselves.

Africa For The Africans

This is massive. This brings together all the concepts mentioned above and combines them for a large cultural and social shift. It also takes political savviness. Africa has the resources, workforce and intellect to take itself out of poverty. We don’t need foreign investors, we don’t need structural adjustment from the IMF or World Bank, we need ingenuity, innovation, sacrifice and hard work. Africa owes no debt to any nation or world organization, the resources of Africa belong to the people and wealth can be generated from within. We need the brightest minds on the continent to work together and create change. Africa can be as rich as at wishes, we just need to right leadership.

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