4 Star Wars VII Predictions

Through casting calls, leaked images, trailers and TV spots, fans think they’ve pieced together the plot of the latest Star Wars film. No one really knows what’s going to happen, but its fun to speculate. Deaths, plot twists and character reveals are all rumored for the latest installment in the Star Wars saga. Soon we will know the plot of this film and begin speculating about the next.

Rey’s Lineage

Search your feelings, you this to be true. These rumors have been running through the galaxy ever since we read the synopsis of the film. Most people are under the assumption that Han and Leia made some Force Lighting after the Battle of Endor. Fans are also looking at a famous Expanded Universe plot, where Han and Leia have twins, and one falls to the dark side. In the final trailer, the voice of Maz Canata alludes to Ray having some sort of special lineage. In the second teaser, Luke even says, “the force is strong in my family.” Ray has to be the child of someone significant. The question is who?

It Won’t Beat Avatar

No one knows how much money this thing will make. Some say it’ll beat Jurassic Worlds massive $300 Million dollars opening weekend. I think that possible. A lot of people are expecting this to be the highest grossing movie of all-time by the end of its theatrical run. I don’t think it will happen. Right now Avatar sits at the number one spot with $2.7 Billion dollars grossed. I don’t think Star Wars can beat that. Even with the huge opening weekend and flawless marketing campaign. I think it might take out

There Will Be Blood

Rumor has it someone is going to die in this first episode. I won’t say who, but a major death is, allegedly, on the way. Hopefully, I’m wrong. This would be a very bold move, but would go along with A New Hope and its major death.

We Barely See Luke

I don’t think the absence of Luke in the marketing is accidental. Many speculate that he has been in hiding since the end of Return Of The Jedi and won’t reveal himself until this film’s final act. I like to agree with this idea. Luke is the hero of the original trilogy. Maybe he’s gone off to complete his training, or train a new set of Jedi. Maybe he’s still fighting with The dark side. Whatever it is, I don’t expect much screen time out of Mark Hamill in this episode. We will see a lot of his lightsaber according to the rumors.

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