4 Reasons Why I Love Star Wars

Star Wars-Mania is upon us and The Force Awaken will be the biggest movie ever released. Fans have waited a decade for a new story in the galaxy far, far away. J.J Abrams hopes to deliver a film that satisfies our nostalgia, while introducing us to something new. The Skywalkers are still are at the center of this epic battle between good and evil. Lightsabers, blasters, Jedi, bounty hunters and Sith Lords are floating throughout this universe. The story at the center of Star Wars has tied itself to popular culture. We all have our reasons we love Star Wars and here are my 4.


Lightsabers are literally the coolest science fiction weapon ever invented. It seems silly in theory, but it works perfectly. Combining swords, one of the best weapons in real life, with lasers, makes for a deadly combination. Although I never want to hold a real one, I would be tempted to do so.

It’s Cultural Footprint

Star Wars is everywhere. References are constantly made to the film’s plot, characters, setting and music. You can grow up never having watched the movies and possess an elementary understanding of who Luke, Leia and Han Solo are. You probably had a solid Chewy impersonation before learning anything about the character, and Darth Vader’s voice and breath may be mimicked more than any other character in movie history. It’s fascinating how a franchise that started in 1977 has been able to remain as relevant, beloved and popular decades later, despite a prequel trilogy most people hate.

The Story of Anakin Skywalker

The core of Star Wars is the story of a young boy, who grows to be a great warrior, but was ultimately turned to the Darkside. Star Wars is about Anakin Skywalker and his transformation into, the iconic, Darth Vader. Watching him become a Jedi, lose himself to temptation, take over the galaxy then confront his son, and his own morality, Shakespearian. He goes from a very young and very poorly acted boy, into a man twisted by his decisions and the Darkside. Although Luke is the hero of the Star Wars universe, the one who wasn’t consumed by the Darkside, his father’s story is more interesting but terribly executed due to the prequels.

The Fandom

Star Wars has gained a fanbase unrivaled by any popular franchise. Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Trek, none of them compare to the love people have for Star Wars. The, now non-canon, Expanded Universe is full of books, comics, video games and fan-fiction dedicated to the world George Lucas created so long ago. Fans know more about these fictional characters and setting than they do about real world events. I enjoy the Star Wars movies, but what I appreciate about it most is the love it evokes out of people… Nerd and casual fans alike

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