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4 Reasons #BLEESNEWS Loves Kim Kardashian

We here at S4TB love making lists of our favorite things and since I am a BIG Kim Kardashian fan, it’s only right that I share four (4) reasons why I love Kimmy and also because that’s the first question I get asked when anyone finds out I’m a fan. So on your 35th birthday Kimberly Noel Kardashian West, here’s four reasons why I adore you. Happy 35th Birthday Queen!

1. Kim Kardashian The Business Woman:



How can I hate on someone who turned her entire family into millionaires? If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 8/9 years, here’s how the Kardashians built their Empire. Kim and her boyfriend at the time, Ray J made a private home video which was leaked to the public. Kim and Ray J both decided to sell the tape to a porn company turning a negative situation into a positive one. Kim took 5 million upfront and with the help of Kris Jenner and her sisters they’ve turned the ‘Kardashian’ brand into a 600 million dollar company. Before Kim’s sex tape scandal, the Kardashians were in a middle of signing a deal with Ryan Seacrest to do a show for E!. When  scandal happened, Kim and her sisters became the talk of the town, so ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ just happened to be perfect timing. The show started about 8 years ago, and have been through 10 remarkable seasons and is now going into their 11th season this November, making them the first family of reality TV to ever last this long on air and It does not look like they’re slowing up anytime soon. The Kardashians just signed a 4 year deal with E! For 100 million dollar in the beginning of the year. Kim personally makes $80,000 per episode, making her the highest paid reality TV star. Kim owns about 30+ businesses including the ones she shares with her sisters. In 2014, she added something a little different to her career, she launched her first ever mobile game app called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”. In just a year alone, Kim’s game generated roughly 85 million dollars. Kim has done everything from reality TV, to producing her own show (Dash Dolls), to acting, having a Super Bowl commercial and the list goes on. But these days it seems like Kim doesn’t even need her family TV show to make money. Being one of the most followed people on Instagram, beating Queen Beyoncé several times, Kim charges about 750,000 to 1 million dollars per endorsements, since last October. According to Forbes, most of Kim’s earnings are from endorsement deals. I know what you’re thinking but something as simple as instagram can earn you, well Kim that much money. For someone with “no talent” Kim has accomplished so much. Yes this may have all started off a sex tape but it takes more than just a sex tape to get you this far, ask all the other celebrities with sextapes. Let’s not forget everyone else in her family is worth millions now including her 2 year old daughter North West. Say what you want but only a true boss can do that.


2. Mr. & Mrs. West, Their Love Story:



Kim and Kanye may not be your two favorite people in the world but no one can say their love isn’t real. If you’ve been keeping up with the Wests you’ll know that they have one of the most amazing love stories ever. If you’re like me, who’s in love with love, you can’t not  fall in love with their love. Some many years ago when Kim worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant, she ran into Kanye West at the studio in 2004. For Kanye it was love at first sight but Kim on the other hand didn’t feel the same, putting Ye in the friendzone. In 2007, they met up again, Kanye at the time was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Alexis Phifer and Kim had just started dating Reggie Bush and Kanye admitted to still just liking her at that time. Kanye then got in another relationship, this time with Amber Rose while Kim was still dating Reggie Bush but both relationships didn’t last too long. In 2010 Kanye and Kim both became single and he even appeared on an episode of ‘Kim and Kourtney Take New York’, but still nothing changed. Kim started dating Kris Humphries in 2010 and immediately got married to him a year later, sending Yè right back into the friendzone but Kanye wanted a to be more than that, and hinted it through his music but at the time his fans just could not figure it out who this mystery lady was until now. For example, his verse on Keri Hilson’s “Love Knocks You Down”, makes so much sense now. 72 days after her marriage, Kim ended things and immediately called Kanye, who knew she was going to do exactly that. They spend another 7 hours on the phone finally deciding to give their love a chance. After almost a decade of being in the friendzone and watching the love of his life make all the wrong choices Kanye finally won him his trophy in 2011 & he also hinted that through his music. Kim and Kanye didn’t really come out as a couple until 2012, hitting up every red carpet together, award shows, spotted in Paris several times together and Kanye even appeared on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ again but this time as Kim’s boyfriend. In December of 2012, Kanye announced that Kim was pregnant at one of his performances. On June 15th of that year she give birth to both of their first child, North West. Four months later on Kim’s 33rd birthday, Kanye rented out the San Fransisco baseball stadium, inviting all their family and friends and asked her to marry him and of course she said yes. In March of 2014, “The Most talked About Couple” covered Vogue magazine making them the first interracial couple on the cover. On May 24th of the same year, Kim and Kanye said their ‘I Do’s’ in Florence, Italy. They turned their entire wedding week into a fashion show. Kim and Kanye celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary this year and also announced that they will be having their second, and possibly their last child, a boy on December 25th of this year. A love story worth telling, Kanye got to marry his dream girl and Kim realizing the love she was looking for everywhere had been right there all along.


3. Fashion Icon:


Kim Kardashian style has always been ‘in’ since she got into this industry. Before ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, Kim was a stylist for many of your favorite celebrities. Kim’s style has evolved so much over the years but she still always managed to make the best dressed list somewhere. Kim’s most dramatic change in her style happened when she finally started dating Kanye. Kanye being a designer and Kim being a stylist was the perfect combination Kim needed to move from her reality TV star look to her fashion icon look. On ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ we get to see all of the changes and it definitely shows in her looks now. Kim did more colors before Kanye and now she’s only caught in neutral colors like beige, whites, blacks, dark greens and so on. A lot of people have caught on to that and we have Kim to thank for that. When it comes to fashion Kim and Kanye got that game on lock, making them the best dressed couple.

4. North West:




Kim Kardashian was already interesting before dating Kanye West. She became even more interesting after Kanye West but after she had North a lot more people started to keep up with her. There’s something about North West that makes everyone’s heart melt. We didn’t see an actual picture of North until she was about two months old. Kim and Kanye were offered millions by several magazines to reveal North West on their cover but they declined and her dad decided to show he first photos on her grandmother, Kris Jenner’s show. Ever since then North West has been the most talked about celebrity child next to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter Blu ­Ivy. But unlike Blu, North does not live a regular life. North West’s first modeling debut was in CR Fashion book at age one. North West was also in Vogue with her parents when she was only about 8 months old. She is also one of the best dressed celebrity children and we have her parents to thank for that. You might hate Kim, but there’s no denying she and husband Kanye made one of the cutest babies ever.


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