4 Perfect “Netflix & Chill” Movies

The invention of the movie theater was one of the greatest advancements in modern dating history. Bringing your love interest to the latest movie picture alleviates awkward silences, created conversation for later, and set a mood for potential romance. The introduction of Netflix brought that experience home. A recipe so perfect the term “Netflix & Chill” was coined validate its awesomeness. Having your man or lady come over to watch Netflix is simple, easy and allows even greater chance for “chill.” The only problem is there are thousands of movies and shows to choose from. The mood can easily dry up scrolling through your Queue. Netflix is the perfect example of having to many options, and I’m here to help! Here are 4 solid movies that are good enough, but not TO good as to distract you from the real movie about to be made (lol I know).

Chef (2014)

Jon Favreau stars and directs in the 2014 comedy all about fatherhood and happiness. Its a lovely movie has a great cast that includes John Leguizamo, Sofia Vegara, Scarlett Johanssan and Emjay Anthony. The titular Chef is fired from the restaurant he helped build and goes cross country to rekindle his love for cooking, all while building a greater relationship with his son. Its warm and cozy. Its also some of the best displays of social media I’ve seen in a movie. You may actually end up watching.

The Wood (1999)

This is a great movie! If either of you haven’t watched it before (which is crazy) than you should watch it first then do your business. The Wood is a little tricky because there is a segment of the movie where the trio make a bet on whoever get laid first. The montage afterwards is a bunch of fail attempts by each of the guys to get some action. My suggestion is either make a move before this part, or lean into it and make a joke about it.

Francis Ha (2013)

This movie is in black and white. I know how some people feel about that but its a relatively new film set in New York. Its the tale of a young woman in her 20s trying to figure her life out…. like we all are. I enjoy this movie, but thats because I was a privileged white woman in a past life. Throw this one and you’ll both probably be engaged just enough to leave it on, but not so much that you can’t do something else.

Two Can Play That Game (2001)

A classic in the black fiilm, Two Can Play That Game is a movie I’ve seen far to many times. I know lines of dialogue like the back of my hand. Vivica A. Fox plays Shante Smith, a successful lawyer with an entire gameplan on relationships. After she catches her boyfriend Keith “working late” with a coworker, she decided to play her game on him. The move simply shows that there are no rules when it comes to love. The movie is funny and has Bobby Brown in it…what more do you want?

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