4 More Podcast Recommendations

A little while back I wrote about my 4 favorite podcasts, because I love podcasts and you should too! I listen to about a dozen of them on and off, so I thought I would follow-up the last post and share 4 more podcasts to subscribe too. These four are a bit more serious and have more political focus than the last four. What makes them so good is that despite being serious they are all still entertaining. Check these out and share any of the podcasts you listen too!

About Race

About Race is a great podcast hosted by Baratunde Thurston, Raquel Cepeda and Tanner Colby all about race, racism, white privilege and the issues People Of Color face. The show is smart and thoughtful. Although it is much to Kumbaya for me I think it provides great language and ideas to bring to discussions about racism. They get a lot of feedback from fans and listeners and answer their questions on the show. The dynamic between Baratunde, who is very mellow, Raquel, who has a level of passion I envy, and Tanner, who is white, working perfectly. The hosts have great chemistry and bounce off each other with insight and occasional humor. Solid show all around.


Serial is one of the most amazing audio experiences I’ve ever had. This show proves how engrossing, engaging and captivating radio can be when firing on all cylinders. This podcast is 12 episodes and highlights one murder that happened in 1999. The host, Sarah Koenig, dives deep into an odd story and looks at it from every single angle possible. By the end you still won’t know who did it, but you will know the case like the back of your hand. I don’t want to try an convince you, listen, and if you don’t enjoy it… I feel sorry for you.

Another Round

I’ve only just started listening to this show, but it is slowly becoming one of my favorites. Another Round is a podcast produced through BuzzFeed hosted by Heben and Tracy, two smart black women, who talk about race, politics and pop culture. Tracy is the hilarious star of the show, they have great banter back an forth, and they have fun guests as well. Hearing their thoughts on White Privilege, micro-aggressions and the importance of self-care is relaxing after dealing with racism 24/7.

NWAP (Negros With A Podcast)

Four black men get together every week to talk about news, race, black culture, white people, sports, Hip-Hop and polygamy. They cover the entire gambit and the result is a fantastic show thats informative and hilarious. ,  , and  are a couple of intelligant black men with similar, yet different, opinions on everything from Black Nationalism to Future’s music. There are countless quotables to take from the show but one of my favorites has to be “Martin Luther King ain’t my daddy!” Give this show a listen.

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