4 Hip Hop Predictions For 2016

Ciara & Future Get Back Together

This is a bit of a stretch. I think Ciara wants Future back. She didn’t want to look dumb in 2015 but in 2016… New Year, New Her. She will follow her heart, and also look at the sales of her last album, and realize that the Future is ahead of her. Ciara, I know you. You’ve had your fun with Russell Wilson, and you want your guy back. We want you all back in the studio making Body Party and another adorable baby.

This relationship is a double edge sword, because when they’re together Future’s music suffers and Ciara’s music peaks. It’s a sacrifice we have to make people. Ciara’s love sucks the codeine out of Future. No more March Madness, no more Jersey…Actually, I pray this doesn’t happen.

Views From The 6 Disappoints

I’m calling it!

Drake has had a hell of a year. If You’re Reading This and WATTBA were fun and satisfying while waiting for Views From The 6. The anticipation for this album is sky high, and looking at Drake’s progression through his career, he won’t disappoint. I disagree. All of Drake’s studio albums have been critically acclaimed by fans and critics, but none are classics. So Far Gone is the only project that has that classic label, but it’s a mixtape, and Drake is a very different artist now. I think Views will be good, but it won’t be amazing. Drake, please prove me wrong.

Jay Electronica Releases An Album

This is less of a prediction and more a threat Jay Electronica. If you don’t put this album out in 2016 I’m giving up. I know that doesn’t matter to you, and you have your grand scheme for your career, but come on! Exhibit C came out in 2009. It’s long overdue, and your fans have been patience. Give us what we asked for.

Hil Holla Finally Drops “Outside Of Providence”

We’re waiting…

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