4 Best Weaves on TV

#4: The Cookie Monster

I’ve seen Cookie with some questionable closures, but when she got it, she got it! Never mind the short & blunt Beyonce bangs she had going on in season 2. I don’t support those. I appreciate Loretha’s weaves for many reasons. For one thing, she doesn’t ever overdue it with the volume. She always has a natural fullness to her hair unlike those Real Housewives. Those body waves framing her face…breathtaking. That side bang…kills me. woo, Jesus. 



#3: Got My OWN TV Network, Oprah Winfrey Networks

Growing up, I always thought that Oprah’s signature curly look was her real hair. I was aghast when I found out Oprah’s mane was a fake. I was young and naive, so it took me time to realize that 4c hair doesn’t just look like that sometimes. Nope, the billionare mogul keeps her natural mane tucked under this loose curls wig–a style she’s been rocking for years now. Timeless. Now, let me be clear! Nothing will ever beat Oprah’s banging bangs of the late 90s-early 2000s .  




#2: Fine China Anne McClain

So, China is good for usually letting her natural mane rock. But every so often she’ll flex some color or a cut. But rather than add any more manipulation to her hair, she’ll throw in a weave. & boy, can she kill both. My favorite is her super trendy blonde ombre look. At times blonde may prove a bit challenging for our more darker toned femmes, but China Anne hits the nail on the head. Also, I give her a lot of credit for having such long real hair. #HAIRENVY. 



#1: Queen Supreme of the Weave, Pippy Rosewood

This may be a bit obscure if you are not familiar with Fox’s Blacka Wednesday night line up. Maybe you have something against buff and bald chocolate (Morris leave it on my Chestnut). Either way, Pippy steals the show every week with that silky remy. I appreciate that her hair is always simple, sleek and chic. Varying between high ponytails or long side braids, she always looks effortlessly natural and pulled together.



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