Lawrence & Issa: Heartbroken As F%ck (By: @KerenO_o) #InsecureHBO

Insecure aired its season finale on HBO Sunday night and before it even ended my Twitter feed exploded with a gender battle about how men will hypocritically always play games and all women are she-devils who can never be trusted. In one 30 minute episode Issa Rae gave people all over social media something else to argue about on the same caliber as $200 dates. I have never been more entertained and impressed. I’m always fascinated by the opinions that some people can form but this shit was crazy. You guys turned Issa and Lawrence into a verb and subtweeted the hell out of each other… always a good time. Here are some of my personal opinions on a few of the arguments I witnessed last night.

I do not think that it was right for Issa to cheat, that will always be the wrong thing to do when you’re in a committed relationship. But the argument that this woman had to deal with a completely unmotivated man for four years is something you can’t overlook. I don’t know about you, but one of the most attractive things a man can have is ambition. Lawrence was flat out unbearable earlier in this season with the pity party he apparently lived in. Of course, there was the argument that she should’ve done a better job motivating and inspiring her man, which is a lot to ask for in this particular scenario. For four years Issa has been the sole provider, motivator, and supporter all while trying to figure out her own life, and this man couldn’t be bothered with going out for her birthday. Do y’all realize how long she didn’t complain (which I don’t recommend) about carrying at least 90% of the entire relationship in the home they shared, while constantly trying to erect the ego of a man who could only mustered up enough energy to suggest a RedBox and chill night on her 29th birthday. Ok.

Now, the argument that Issa had every right to have a lapse of judgment after years of resenting this man is also not valid. No one actually deserves to be cheated on people ever. There will never be a right time, reason or situation where that is ok. On the other hand, you can’t deny the appeal of a “Daniel” to show you what a man who’s confident and passionate about his life looks like (and that man was fine). The argument that Daniel was better than Lawrence though is strange to me. Not only does Daniel’s fuck boy tendencies seem apparent throughout their history together but there’s never a real reason why he switched up from “no relationships” to “why you treating me like a side nigga, Issa?” I don’t know what anyone wants for their lives in this show. It is very clear when Issa and Lawrence state they are in relationships but that never seems to stop anything moving forward.

The timing of everything in this show was great because Issa technically (since ya’ll love technicalities) never broke up with Lawrence so making out with Daniel on episode 1 was actually cheating, but according to some of y’all it would’ve been more justified to fuck him then not too since she left.. I guess? So really it’s just unfortunate she slipped up at a time when Lawrence finally had the motivation to actually get his shit together for her. The line “You fucked up our shit for a goddamn mistake” hit me hard because wow was it true. Lawrence, unable to handle the betrayal, decides to pack up, call Tasha (aka #ChaseHoe) and use his frustration to fuel the best stroke game I’m assuming he’s had in a while. (Quick shoutout to Tasha for that arch in her back, beautifully done). This is all done after Lawrence calls Issa and leaves her with a hopeful ‘I miss you’ call which has her rushing to get home with the hopes of fixing things. Of course, all she finds is a Best Buy shirt in an empty closet and his side of the bed empty. Tragic.

I don’t think Lawrence purposely played head games with a fake ‘I miss you’ and a left behind Best Buy t-shirt. I think he did exactly what Issa was doing when she cheated, thinking only about himself and how he was feeling. Which isn’t necessarily wrong but can definitely hurt feelings. The amount of praise I saw men giving Lawrence for his final scene was a bit triggering. Women cheating on men isn’t common on television, but when it does happen the repercussions are damn near ridiculous (remember the movie where homegirl gets AIDs after cheating? Like full blown AIDs?). Yet, the men usually get a reality check about how their side-hoe only likes their money, can’t cook for shit, or is just plain stupid… and is usually taken back. Keep in mind, after Lawrence blows his load he is heartbroken, homeless and successfully used a person for hate sex/a rebound. So there’s that…

I’m excited to see what happens next season. Will Molly ever stop self-sabotaging? Will Daniel become an option for Issa? Does Tasha become more than a rebound? I have so many questions and so many opinions to form and disagree with.


  1. Vic Bam

    She wasn’t the sole provider. Lawrence was receiving unemployment checks during that time so it’s safe to assume he was contributing whatever he could; also Tasha aka #RealWoman said he had a nice lil savings

    and “getting your shit together for four years” =\= sitting on the couch for four years.

  2. Vic Bam

    Issa wasn’t the sole provider for 4 years. Lawrence was receiving unemployment checks during that time so it’s safe to assume he was contributing whatever money he had and Tasha aka #RealWoman mentioned that he had a nice little savings. Issa didn’t pay for that new couch by herself and Issa wasn’t gonna buy that ring herself neither.

    Also, “getting your shit together for four years” =/= sitting on the couch for four years.

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