Dave Chappelle, Donald Trump, And A Few Good Jokes (By: Isaac Gibson)

As a kid who grew up finding solace in the indiscriminate societal jests of Dave Chappelle (and as whom dressed as Tyrone Biggums for multiple Halloweens), November 12th’s Saturday Night Live monolog was a stark breath of fresh air against the current nauseating political climate. By indiscriminate, I’m implying that racially, Dave’s ethnic focus has always been full spectrum. Personally, I would consider Dave Chappelle as somewhat of a racial barometer of America’s sentiment.


Dave full heartedly addressed the issue of gun violence in this country almost to the extent of an eclipse against Presidential Elect Donald Trump’s electoral victory. In truth, the significance of gun violence is one that undoubtedly needs to be addressed. As always, Dave proposed thought provoking arguments that would be sure to leave all viewers regardless of backgrounds asking themselves deeper questions. From Black Lives Matter, and Harambe, to the exaggeration of violence as a result of “radical Islam”. Dave encompassed so much social pertinence in a span of twelve minutes, it’s almost hard not to rewind and recollect as a whole.

It goes without emphasis how shocked many Americans were at the results of this year’s election, but more of a shock regarding the unspoken majority that greatly favored Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it might take this political juxtaposition for people to realize the media’s falsity in swaying popular opinion and belief. All we can do as people moving forward with the presidency, is continue to be the best people we can to each other, show love, and remain resolute in the fight for equal rights of all Americans. Hopefully, this is only a foreword for more Dave Chappelle dialogue to come.


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