Am I Emotionally Ok? (By: Aminat Olupona)

Quick survey! Are you emotionally ok? Is everything in your life going EXACTLY the way you want it to? Have you accomplished all your goals? Is there not a single thing you can think of that could use a change? Well if you answered no to at least one of these questions then CONGRATULATIONS… your 100% normal! I think as humans we sometimes forget we’re not robots, and therefore can’t function as such. What makes us real is the fact that we’re flawed. We don’t always have the answers, we’re not always where we want to be and therefore we can become emotionally distorted. What does it mean to actually be emotionally ok and how do we always seem to end up on the wrong side of our emotions?

Well for starters, we act like it’s all good and nothing bothers us. We allow negative thoughts and feelings to continuously build up, hoping one day we’ll get over it. We choose to ignore issues rather than looking for solutions. Those around you can see and feel your discomfort but you brush them off like they’re the ones with the problem. We’re all guilty of this whether we choose to admit it or not and its only outcome  is the emotional breakdown we’ve been avoiding. So why allow it to prevail for so long?

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Acknowledge the problem. Whatever it may be, don’t allow it get bigger than you. Accept the fact that you’re ok and what is causing it may be beyond your control. Be honest with yourself, the worst lie you can tell is the one to yourself. Talk about it! If there’s something at work you don’t like, speak with someone; if your partner is doing something you ain’t feeling, tell them about it! Communicate! Being able to express your emotions is the first step to healing.

Find your peace. Do the things you know will give you peace of mind. Be conscious of your soul and spirit, there’s nothing a good prayer can’t fix. Get in touch with your emotions no matter how they make you feel. Yes, your not emotionally ok…but guess what…thats perfectly ok.    

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