Coming to Rhode Island

August 1st of this year marked one year of me being in Providence. I moved here from the shittiest state in the world, Florida. Just kidding, it’s not the shittiest. People just be eating each other’s faces out there, I don’t know. Anyways, I fled the land of flowers with hopes of finding young people and professional opportunity. I found myself in Little Rhody at 20 years old. I wasn’t ready.

(one, the parties) Providence people know how to party. I honestly can’t keep up. I’m not sure if I’m washed or what. Some of you are the most functional alcoholics and I couldn’t be more impressed. I was at a party and counted a total of 5 blunts being rolled at once. Where they do that? I really thought I was out here. Fucking around till two in the morning. I’m checking snap stories the next morning and seeing 5:34 AM timestamps.

(two, the beauty) I’m not kidding when I say Providence has by far the highest concentration of beautiful people in one area. Heart eyes are plastered on my face every time I’m at a function. I thought I was tripping until I had confirmation. Home girl told me, “this nigga has no ugly friends”. I swear to you, whenever, I do meet an ugly person in Providence, 10 times out of 10 they are not actually from Providence.

(three, the lingo) I can’t keep up with the lingo here. I sound like a corn saying half the things you do, guy. Here’s my uh, dissertation… If I’m bent I’m pulling up to the jawn souped. if it’s brick, aint no way unless the thing’s shlit and i can smell the shloud from out the doah. if there’s too many females at the party, it’s a dub. rather grab a grinder and call it a night. 

(four, the community) One thing that I must mention is Providence’s sense of community. If you’re cape verdean, you know all the cape verdians. There are tons of festivals, events and cookouts amassing entire cities. People are connected and care about each other. When you’re completely new somewhere, having a mutual friend is a great way to create new relationships. (i.e., tell your friend I said hi )

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