Sonic Watermelons: Sazon with Santa Mamba

“Spices are one of the many things that sets apart Latin American countries from the rest of the world and makes people fall in love with the cultures! Santa Mamba uses a special blend of sazon and music to bring joy to the masses. It’s best to share their own words as testament of what they’re made of:

“Where many bands who fall under the broad classification of “Latin” consist of musicians with a shared ethnic heritage, our story is different. We all come from different places and grew up in different times. Some of us come from small American towns where there was little access to anything outside of mainstream pop culture. Some of us grew up in American cities with strong ties to Italian and Portuguese traditions. And we have members who were born in Latin American nations – Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Due to our diverse backgrounds, it is remarkable that we’ve come together at all, and in such an unlikely place as Rhode Island.”

Make sure to check out for more details on this wonderful band and find out where you can see them next!!”

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