Should I Send This Nude?

Ahh nudes. Before the digital media age, people would share nudes in ways that are nostalgic to us now. A polaroid, a christmas card. Heck, maybe an intricate sketch. When a man wanted nudes he had to draw it!


Nowadays, people are so grimey. One in 5 nude senders in America have faced the threat of being exposed or have been exposed. So, understandably, there are heavy risks associated with sending that sinful flick. Especially if you’re trying to lead a respectable career 0r they’re friends with your mom on Facebook.  


At the same time, I have seen a good nude transform a man/woman’s day. So hey! Why not? Make their day :)

Snapchat is great for that if you’re trying to bank on social media etiquette (rule #1, no screenshots).

Then again, maybe you’re not trying to go full frontal like Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley. So, you know. There’s always a balance.

Tasteful Nudes/Thirst Traps

Maybe you can send a healthy body pic.



There’s also always the lingerie route.



Cover up the good stuff




Tease the senses…



Cleavage Only


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If it came down to me, I would say, bump it. Send that nude. Post it on twitter. Participate in the group chat’s Titty Tuesday/DicPic Wednesday. Liberate your body. Let’s just hope that the people we surround ourselves with are good-hearted, respectable human beings who won’t expose you on the “Leaked” section of




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