Fashion Interview: Be Yourself (By: @Yvng_Jemah)

 Picture1This is Markus Tavarez and he attends Providence Career Technical Academy (PCTA). I see Markus every day at school and I know he never disappoints with what he’s wearing. Markus always has an outfit that conveys his personality perfectly. Today Markus is wearing a Levi Jean Jacket with the collar cut off; that’s a new idea that he started doing with his attires. Underneath, he is wearing a “Bureau Entertainment” long sleeve shirt. With that, Markus wore Adidas joggers and for the feet, he wore Air Jordan 4 Retro LS “Oreo.” For accessories, he wore a Guess gold watch, a gold ring, and necklace. I asked Markus Tavarez a couple questions to learn more about his style.

In 3 words, describe your style.

Tavarez: Cozy, trill, and unique.

Why do you think your style is different from others?

Tavarez: I’m ahead of the people around me, there are fashion brands I know that other people don’t even know about.

I know you’re a rapper so how does your fashion fit into your music?

Tavarez: If you see me and my fashion and you listen to my music it’s self-explanatory.

You say Jordan Retro 4s are your favorite J’s, why are they?

Tavarez: There very stylish and it fits my style.

What is the “cozy style”? And why does it fit you?

Tavarez: Exactly what the name is and it fits me because its street but I’m comfy so I say I’m a “cozy boy.”

Is there anything you want to say to the people?

Tavarez: Listen to my new single which is “$ukram – Gold $lugs” on SoundCloud and be on the lookout for the “Bureau Family” and my personal mixtape. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @sukrvm. Also, remember the motto which is always be yourself.

Always wear what you like. If you’re not comfortable in your own clothes that means what you’re wearing is not your style. Be yourself! Remember, it doesn’t matter what you wear it’s how you wear it. Every day, bring out your style; don’t try to fit in with the crowd because that may not be your type of style. Always stay true to yourself and never try to be like anybody else.


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