4 Things I Learned About Fashion

Enjoy this culmination of fashion concepts that are gender friendly.

  1. Shoes Are Everything

Shoes can take a 5 outfit to a 10, and a 10 to a 20. A pair of slingbacks are notorious for giving presence to a simple jean and blouse fit. Invest in a variety of shoes. You can make a kooky outfit ridiculous or make plain look poppin’.

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  1. Less Is More

Kendall Jenner is my icon for minimalist chic. I’ve seen this chick rock the same black leather jacket look, and kill it every time. Minimalist fashion has a certain attention to detail, most likely found in the texture of each piece.



Less clothes are good, too. Rock that oversized t-shirt with no pants. Ditch that shirt under your overalls.



  1. Black is the New Black

Black always looks good. I mean duh. We’re all aware of the greatness that is derived from blackness.






  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Go All Out

I’ve put together some pretty questionable outfits in my lifetime, but I’ve always gotten reasonable feedback. I don’t care if it’s just another Wednesday, wear that flower crown like it’s Coachella 2015.





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featured image credit: blackfashion.tumblr.com, @SleaZeMob

(RIP Prince)

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