Two Dollar Flo

two dolla, deux dola.  

Let me tell you bout this time I went to #twodollarflo.

It was 9 by the time I made it in. Pre-party going strong.

This wasn’t nearly what I was expecting. Not sure what I was expecting. Red lights, fake candle chandeliers. I walked into MF Right by 2 Chainz, so I already knew it was on.

Two Dollar Flo is an event allowing local artists to share original music with the community. Boy, was the community out. Ran into two different people I knew.

Once the show began, something dawned on me. It takes a lot to listening to a bunch of music you do not know. It takes a certain level of patience to pick up what the artist is putting down in that first impression. Fortunately, each artist there had their own unique flow. Some sounds were wavy, others were more conscious.

This is an event that every self proclaimed hip hop head should have been at.

If you couldn’t make it, show their soundcloud some love.




If you missed out this time, don’t worry…

“This is the first and definitely not the last”

IMG_3177 IMG_3183IMG_3202 IMG_3205

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