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What a week it has been for entertainment news and it’s only Wednesday. If you’ve been keeping up with the blogs, especially our blog this week you’ll know that these last couple of days have been rough on our girl Kehlani. I know what you’re thinking, but sometimes you can’t help it, the heart wants what it wants. Here’s a little backstory on what you didn’t know about Kehlani and PartyNextDoor before this week.

We first heard about this couple back in December of 2014, when PND dropped a song titled ‘Girl From Oakland’. He didn’t just stop there, all of 2015 PND give us hints about their relationship through his music. But unfortunately for them, the relationship didn’t last. Kehlani turned her heartbreak into a mixtape giving her fans one of her best work up to date, You Should Be Here. Anyone who has heard the mixtape can only speculate what exactly went down between the two. Kehlani didn’t hold back, with songs like ‘Niggas’, ‘The Way’, ‘You Should Be Here’, she stole everyone’s heart and had everyone on #TeamKehlani screaming “F*ck PND”. She even got a Grammy nomination off the project. Later that year PND was spotted hanging with WolfTyla, an old friend of Kehlani’s that she no longer rocked with. Kehlani then dropped a song on soundcloud called ‘Did I’ dedicated to that friendship. Hinting WolfTyla did her dirty but never really confirming the rumors.

Kehlani then started dating Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving letting the world know she had moved on and was very happy. On Valentine’s Day of 2016, Kehlani shared a deep post on Instagram expressing her love for Kyrie and thanking him for making her love again. Things seem to be going great for Kehlani till this Monday when PND Instagrammed the two in bed with the caption “After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed”. This didn’t sit well with the world, especially Kehlani fans. The internet literally went crazy after that post, 10 minutes later Kehlani’s Instagram was deleted but that didn’t stop the jokes and absolutely nothing was off limits.

Kehlani returned to Instagram later that night to let us know she did not cheat on Kyrie. She expressed that she was still in love with her first love (PND) and had to end things with Kyrie because of that but never cheated on him. She also confirmed the rumors about her suicide attempt with a picture of her in the hospital. A couple of hours later she tweeted another picture of PND by her bedside, thanking him for saving her life, leaving the world confused and lost. Kehlani even went as far as defending him after the Internet dragged him for what he did to her. No one but Kehlani and Party can explain what is really going on, but rumor has it that PND will be dropping a mixtape today called ‘Kehlani Next Door’, which would be extremely crazy if it’s true.

No word yet from Kyrie Irving but his boy Chris Brown seem to have spoken for him. Chris joined in on the jokes and even went as far as saying PND and Kehlani look like they have “stank sex”. Chris could just be being petty but I lowkey think he’s more upset Drake’s boy had something to do with his friend getting hurt. A lot of other celebrities have spoken up and wished Kehlani well. We’re just glad after all this, Kehlani is still with us. But I have to be honest, I am excited for what Kehlani and PND have in stores for us. As a music lover, I couldn’t help but get excited for some new music.

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