Real Friends & No More Parties in LA

Speaking as someone who is not the biggest fan of Kanye West, I have decided to do some Fox News, fair and balanced reviews of his new songs solely based off of a first listen. So basically, writing any first thoughts as the song plays. Often times, audiences have polarized views of Kanye West. There are the ones who think Kim K. and Kris J. have devoured his heart and soul by firelight. Those are the ones you hear say “I only listen to old Kanye”. Then there’s the ones who liked all of Mr. West’s work (including Yeezus). They’re probably wearing Yeezy’s right now. I do not hate Kanye, nor do I own any of his expensive merchandise. Thus, I must fall somewhere in between, right?

Real Friends

sounds so pretty
here’s the bass
sounds like old Kanye
I freaking love it
this is glorious
is this still Kanye? or Future?
interesting how he talks about his family
who ye tryna expose *side eye emoji*

No More Parties in LA

(just by the title) is this Kanye’s cry for help? is kim destroying his life <<<<<
sounds like a basement beat
i love it
K dot? yas
praise. amen.


All in all, I’d say my response was positive. Of course, the music wasn’t perfect, but there were some fun features and awesome beats. But, like everything else in the world…it’s subjective! What did you think of Kanye’s new songs? Is he strugglin’? Or is he hustlin’.

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