‘The Truth Is Overrated’ By: Bj Adigun

Truth is I still hate people, I love people. Truth is I lied when I said I was okay. Truth is you’re my obsession. Truth is my beating heart still aches. Truth is I actually love my sister. Truth is I always lose my judgment when I drink.Truth is I’m nervous that I won’t become the man that I know I can be. Truth is I’ve done some stupid things in life. Truth is I care way more than I should. Truth is I miss my friend, I cried for months when he died. Hold on there’s more… Truth is when I go hiking sometimes I think of never coming back. Truth is I lied when I said you were the only one. You were just around until the only one came back. Truth is some of you guys do too much. Truth is I’m in no rush to be great, I wanna enjoy the long road. Truth is I’m an Ant in the Forest. Truth is you guys don’t help out enough. Truth is this all a game to me…. wait I’m almost done. Truth is I have so much improving to do on myself I don’t know where to begin. I have a BIG secret that only I know. Truth is I told one person and I forgot who it was. So I’ll share it here, see the Truth is I actually didn’t…….

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