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Keem’s Corner Vol. VII: Material Things (By: @Keem0Therapy)

” Now I aint in love with material things, but I’m in love with the feelings they bring”

Now J.Cole has always been one of my favorite artists and a big part of the reason why is because a lot of his lyrics are so easy to relate to. This line is no exception to that rule. It started as children, we would see commercials of supernintendos, game-boys and CD players and beg our parents to get them for us for Christmas or birthdays. As we got a little older it turned into air forces, jerseys and sidekicks. Finally today our desires have evolved into designer jeans, diamond studded watches and luxury cars.



But see that’s not even the craziest part. Who wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on things that would make them happy for years and years to come. However like everything in life, nothing lasts forever and those air force ones you spent $90 to grab a few years back are either the sneakers you use to cut the grass or are sitting in your closet collecting dust. Those rocawear jeans you spent 100 dollars on are now your first choice of protection when you decided to go paint-balling.


See today we live in a society where who you are is far less important than what you have. Some females claim there are no good guys left, yet I would be interested to see if these same females would even look at a guy who’s wardrobe came from wal-mart. Guys say there are nothing but hoes left, but if we were to see a girl in Chinese slippers we wouldn’t even give her the time of day. Credit cards get maxed out constantly and cars are often financed at prices that would require double our current salary to keep up with. Bank accounts are often sacrificed in order to stunt on instagram.


If you have the means to do it then why not? I’m all for rewarding yourself because that’s very important on the eternal quest for happiness. It becomes a problem when you can’t afford it and the desire for these possessions causes lapses in judgment. People get killed for Jordans, sneakers it cost a few dollars to make. That means it’s no even the value of the item itself as much as the value WE put on it.


The craziest part in all of this is that after we finally get what we want, a year or two later it means nothing to us as the newest fad becomes our deepest desire.


I am not a financial counselor and I cannot tell you how to spend your money. What I can tell you is one day we will all die. It is inevitable. When you look back on your life what will be more important: the cars and clothes you had or the memories you made with loved ones and the legacy you left behind? I’ll let you decide.