Keem’s Corner Vol. VI: Change (By: @Keem0Therapy)


” A thug changes, love changes, best friends become strangers”

Going to college was one of the best experiences of my life.  Sure the academics were cool, but the time spent with my closest friends growing and building were priceless.  I really left those 5 years with enough memories for a lifetime.

…Then I graduated

 I went from seeing the people I rock with the most almost every day, to few times a month if even that.  People I used to text on a daily basis only get the “happy” texts now (happy thanksgiving, happy new year, happy birthday).  I couldn’t help but be a little discouraged.  I felt that all these life long bonds I made were not the same anymore and didn’t mean so much after all.

I was partly right on this assumption.  Yes things did change, but in no way does that determine the value of a friendship.  A lot of us fear change and we hold on to things we should have let go a long time ago because of the comfort and false sense of security that it provides.  It took me a while to realize that change is inevitable and a huge part of life.  If we were working at a job for years and never got a raise in our salary we would hate it, but when a friendship changes we often allow it to make us a feel some type of way (word to rich homie quan).

As we grow older so do all the relationships that we have.  Although we may not talk to our friends every day like we used to or see each other as much, one thing is for certain.  The times may change and we all go down our own journeys in life,  but if that love is real, that is one thing that will never change.