Fads? Can We Not…

noun | \fad\
: a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal

2016 was the year of fur slippers, dad hats, and DIY Yeezy sock boots. Fashion influencers and followers, you tried it and let’s just say we’re over it. These top 5 fads are considered to be ‘Peekaboo trends’ and they’re just not working anymore! So let’s end it at midnight.

1. Fur slippers

Two words. Overpriced and overrated. No shade to those who rocked the furry slide trend this year but what statement did you make in the end? Fur slippers you won’t be missed in 2017. I mean whose idea was it anyway?


2. Dad hats

These hats go hand in hand with mom jeans, worn out. Although, the idea was cute in the beginning when proposed by your fav celeb but there’s just some trends that don’t die.


3. DIY Yeezy sock boots

The internet had a significant way of re-creating Kanye West’s $800 bootie into a $5 sock bootie with just 3 steps. Don’t get me wrong the idea was pretty clever and the technique was simple, I’m so sure someone got around to actually make revenue from this DIY killer heel but in the end, it still wasn’t Yeezy and it won’t work in 2017.



4. Cold-shoulder tops

This style definitely not is a one-size fits all type and it’s just as bad when it’s made into a crop top! Let’s leave this in the 90’s teeny boppers era; everything about this top says forced and worn out. No thanks, next!


5. Accessory pompoms

Fendi started it and then Charlotte Russe took over. Yes, they were cute while it lasted but I don’t see this being a “thing” tomorrow. Let’s be honest, how long do they last anyway?


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