2014: The Year Of Drizzy

There are only a few individuals that have lived up to our expectations in recent memory. When Drake emerged from The Land Up North we all saw greatness and even greater potential. Over the past six years Aubrey has not only met our expectations, but has exceeded them in many ways. Although he might be missing that “classic” in his discography, we haven’t seen a start this good since Kanye’s 3-peat. Three albums deep and Drake has surpassed his peers and elders to become the biggest artist in Hip-Hop. Not Wayne, not Ross, not Jay, not even Kanye. Drake is the artist of this generation and his peak is entertaining to witness.

FUN FACT: Drake did not release an album this year.

Rick Ross put out two albums, yet Drake is still the hottest rapper of 2014. This year is the result of his consistency since his debut. Despite being mocked and ridiculed he has put out music that is undeniable, and more importantly, unavoidable. I’m a casual Drake fan, but it seems like I hear his music everywhere I turn. I know lyrics to songs you couldn’t find on a iPod or laptop I own. His omnipresence rivals Dispset in the mid-2000s. He’s been running rap since Take Care, but this year might be the campaign before he’s officially crowned in 2015. He was one half of the very successful Drake Vs. Lil’ Wayne tour. His OVO brand has continued to grow, as artists like The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR are becoming more popular. He’s hosted The ESPYs and SNL twice, broadening his appeal further. He added a verse to I LOVE MAKONNEN’s Tuesday launching it into the stratosphere. He made a great cameo at the end of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video, ended his feud with Chris Brown (possibly re-ignited it) and was smacked by Diddy over a beat. Most importantly, he put out a handful of album-quality tracks through is Soundcloud. From Heat Of The Moment to How Bout Now all of his releases could’ve been a single on any other album. Drake has been able to keep himself in the conversation without over-saturating fans, keeping an album under wraps, while showing us his growth.

Drake may very well be the leader of the pack next year too. However he decides to release his next album Views From The 6 we’re all going to be listening and critiquing. Good or bad, the album will be a massive hit and Drake’s dominance could go unchallenged. The man is clearly confident in his abilities and aware of his influence. Whatever he does personally takes a back seat to what he does behind a mic. Fan or not, the man had a hell of a year.

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