17 Year-Old Trayvon Martin Murdered

A young black kid named Trayvon Martin was murdered by Neighborhood Watch Chief, George Zimmerman, on February 26th in Sanford, FL. Trayvon was walking back to his father’s fiancee’s house when the two got into an altercation leaving the young man shot in the chest. Before this, Zimmerman called the police reporting a “suspicious character” roaming the neighborhood. The police told him not to follow the boy, but he did anyways. The young boy was on the phone with his female friend and she was telling him to run from the man following him. 911 recordings were released and in one you can hear someone (I’m assuming Trayvon) yelling “HELP”! Then a single gun shot is heard. Right now George is not in police custody as they claim he has a “good record”, but the FBI is investigating the matter. Allegedly, Trayvon only had an Arizona and a pack of skittles on him.
Zimmerman called Trayvon a “suspicious character” and I want to know what he was doing that made him suspicious? Him being black in a nice neighborhood must have been suspicious enough. The boy had no weapon on him and regardless of the altercation these situations happen way to often. From Sean Bell to Danroy Henry this is hard to ignore. These overzealous white men are really out here killing us and we’re allowing this to happen. Sadly, people will say “well he must have done something to provoke him”, but I feel like you don’t have to do much besides be a black male, at the wrong place, at the wrong time to get harassed by some cops (Zimmerman is NOT a cop). And the craziest thing is that this guy isn’t in police custody. However accidental a death may be, the person should be held until the situations is cleared up. Lastly, I will say if the situation were reversed and Zimmerman had been “accidentally” killed Trayvon would be in jail with no questions asked. But alas, what do I know?

Below is a video of another black man, Oscar Grant, being murdered before a train full of people.

Rest In Peace to both of these brothers

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